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I want to start this day's blog with a story. An old friend of mine (I wouldn't reveal his name) called me to talk about insurance. He is married with a couple children. He has a nice home with a mortgage and a couple nice cars that he makes payments. He has other debt as well from student loans, ect. If he were to get sick, injured or die (we all do these 3 things in our life time) then his family would be destitute. His children would be in poverty. He told me he needs life insurance for $400,000. For a very affordable premium I can insure families and indivuals in case they get sick or injured. Most people are underinsured. To leave a family without insurance is a hazard I help people avoid. If you don't have it taken care of....Call me at my office and I will be happy to discuss how I can help you! 407.375.5004

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